Day Camp

At Day Camp, children experience something new every day. Your child will benefit from the power of a positive mentor, the confidence that comes from trying (and succeeding!) and the development of healthy, long-lasting friendships. Of course, they don't realize this yet- they just think they're having a whole lot of fun!

Day Camp Programs include speciality, sports, adventure, teen, preschool, and leadership camps! With such a large variety of camps, you can spend your entire summer with the Y!


Day Camp Brochures:


View the current 2019 camp offerings below by clicking on the location tab below:

DEWITT DAY CAMP - Northpointe Community Church +

Dewitt 2019 Camp Grid Offerings

Dewitt 2019 Camp Brochure

Dewitt 2019 Parent Handbook

Dewitt 2019 Health Form

Please contact Anita Frese, at if you have any questions. 

CAMP PAWAPI DAY CAMP - Williamston +
Oak Park Day Camp - South Lansing +

Oak Park 2019 Camp Grid Offerings 

Oak Park 2019 Brochure

Oak Park 2019 Parent Handbook

Oak Park 2019 Health Form

Concussion Waiver

Please contact Jason Helman, at if you have any questions

PARKWOOD DAY CAMP - East Lansing +

Parkwood 2019 Camp Grid Offerings

Parkwood 2019 Camp Brochure

Parkwood 2019 Parent Handbook

Parkwood 2019 Health Form

Concussion Waiver

Please contact Robert Gregory, at if you have any questions

Westside Day Camp - West Lansing +

Westside 2019 Camp Grid Offerings

Westside 2019 Camp Brochure

Westside 2019 Parent Handbook

Westside 2019 Health Form

Concussion Waiver

Please contact Jason Helman, at if you have any questions

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After Camp Swim Lessons

Don't forget to sign up for after camp swim lessons! 

This activity is for all campers, ages 5-13. Take advantage of swim lessons for your child after their camp, Monday through Friday 4:15-5:15pm. Available to campers in weeks 1-3, and 5-11. $45

Financial Assistance

We, at the YMCA of Metropolitan Lansing, feel strongly that income should not be a barrier to becoming a member of the Y or participating in any of our programs.

Anyone can apply to receive financial support. Eligibility for financial support and the amount of financial support that can be given is determined on an individual basis.

Your local YMCA will review your financial application, and all of the financial documentation you can provide; please see the top of the application for a list of pertinent documents. You are also invited to include, with your application, a written and signed letter explaining any special circumstances that are impacting your financial situation, because we realize that financials don’t always paint the whole picture.

Please fill out the attached financial assistance application below and submit at one of our branches. 

Financial Assistance Day Camp Scholarship Form