Personal Training

YMCA Personal Training provides support for ALL fitness levels. 

This is where fitness gets personal- and so do the results. Enjoy the outstanding benefits of a personal trainer who will work with you- one-on-one- to create an exercise plan designed to achieve all of your fitness goals. Your trainer will assess your fitness level, determine benchmark goals, and develop a workout schedule that fits easily into your life! Because our personal training is done in the Y environment, it's comfortable, approachable, and not intimidating. Scheduling is very flexible! A personal trainer is available at all of our locations, every day from open to close. 

- Customized Workouts 

- Support and Motivation 

- Reach all your Goals 

- Certified Trainers 

- One on One Guidance

- NO Contracts, Pay as You Go!

Partner and Small Group Personal Training: 

Working out is more fun when you do it with friends - and personal training is, too! Get all the advantages of YMCA Personal Training in a fun group setting. Whether you do Partner Training (2 people) or Small Group (3-4 people), you and your friends tackle your health and wellness goals together with the support of one of our experienced trainers. 

Youth Personal Training 

- Safe and Effective Workouts 

- Improved Fitness Levels 

- Increase Endurance, Agility, and Speed 

- Prevent Sports Injuries 

- Target Specific Needs


30 min session: Member $20 Non-Member $35

60 min session: Member $40 Non-Member $70

How to Purchase: 

Personal training sessions can be purchased via phone or in person at any of our locations.