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Sports Activities:

More information will be available in the coming months. 


Basketball/Racquetball Courts:

* For YMCA Members only 

Our basketball and racquetball courts do not require reservations

Gym and Racquetball Courts will be available from:

Oak Park YMCA 

Pickleball - Monday, Tuesday, Thursday - 10:00-12:00pm

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 6:00am-10:00am and 12:00pm-8:45pm

Wednesday, Friday 6:00am-8:45pm

Saturday Hours: 7:00am-3:45pm 

Westside YMCA

Pickleball Hours: Coming Soon

Monday through Friday: 6:00am-8:45pm

Saturday Hours: 7:00am- 3:45pm 

Sunday Hours: 7:00am-11:45am

Parkwood  YMCA

Monday through Friday: 4:30pm-8:00pm 

Saturday Hours: 7:00am-3:45pm

Sunday Hours: 7:00am-11:45am

Court Rules:

  • Courts can be used for controlled family fun activities.
  • Bring your own equipment as we will not have any available for use.
  • Children 17 years and younger must be accompanied by at least 1 adult.
  • In-line skating or anything with wheels is not permitted in the courts.
  • All participants must abide by the gym rules while using the facility.