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Turning Point Program for Breast Cancer Survivors

It is estimated that in Michigan in 2019 there will be 58,360 new cases of breast cancer diagnosed. Breast cancer remains the second leading cause of death in Michigan.

The Turning Point Breast Cancer Program is a survivorship program which was established in 2008 to address breast cancer diagnosis. The program is designed to be a lifestyle intervention program based on strategies to help reduce the side effects of cancer treatment and to prevent recurrence by keeping participants active, fit and emotionally engaged. The program has the following components: fitness, social and emotional support and health and wellness with a focus on the transfer of educational knowledge. The Turning Point Program targets low-income, uninsured and underinsured individuals but is open to all who have had breast cancer diagnosis. There is no charge to participate in the Turning Point Program. The program consists of fitness and yoga classes which are closely monitored in a group setting by certified staff trained to work with cancer survivors.


  • Parkwood YMCA