NEW! YMCA Remote Learning and Child Development Program

Our Program

With some school districts preparing to run virtually this fall, the Y, which typically offers before- and after-school care to children, will now offer programming during school hours to provide children a space where they can attend virtual classes while supervised by Y staff.  
The YMCA Remote Learning and Child Development program is in-person virtual learning that supports students, ages 5-12, who need a safe and fun environment to complete their e-learning. Our program is to help children stay on task, avoid backslides during virtual learning, and support their academic, physical and mental health. Participants will spend 3 hours a day working on assigned remote learning curriculum, with the remainder of the day filled with enrichment activities which includes STEAM programming, SPARK PE curriculum, literacy time, and character development activities.

In order to help keep children and staff healthy and safe throughout the school year, the YMCA of Lansing is following state and local requirements, and has adapted several changes to its day-to-day operations, including:
·       Contactless check in and out procedures
·       Masks will be worn by staff and by children when necessary 
·       Daily health screenings and temperature checks
·       Reduced capacity in group activities
·       Staggered mealtimes to reduce crowds
·       Enhanced cleaning procedures
·       Spaces designed to promote social distancing

Our program begins Tuesday, September 8th from 7:30am-5:30pm (Monday-Friday)

To see a Sample Daily Schedule and Curriculum Description please view our program flyer below.


Oak Park YMCA 

900 Long Blvd. Lansing, 48911



Non DHS students will be covered by the Lansing School District. For DHS eligible, please email Jason Helman at



Ages 5-12

How to Enroll

  1. Fill out Registration Form 
  2. Review Parent Handbook
  3. Fill out Child Information Record Form


Frequently Asked Questions

Please view our FAQs below

Will the YMCA have WIFI access for children during distanced learning times?

Yes the Y currently has WIFI and will provide options for children to re-charge laptops, Chromebooks, tablets, etc.

What do I need to provide for my child to be successful in the Remote Learning and Child Development Program?

It is important that your child come with the correct technology, charger, and headphones with a microphone, snack and a mask or face covering. Students may also need a calculator, notebook, pens and paper. Check with your child’s teacher to confirm all the items they will need. All items should be in a backpack or closed bag and labeled so your child can easily keep track of their things.

What level of training do the Y staff have that will be working in this program?

The programs are supervised by professional directors with numerous years of experience in youth development, childcare and/or camp. The program staff have a wide variety of experience and education pertinent to youth programming. They also have first aid/CPR, child abuse prevention and are trained to respond in an emergency. Staff are not credentialed teachers and will be focused on creating a nurturing and fun environment for district staff educators to teach remotely.

Do staff have background checks performed?

Yes, as a licensed program all YMCA staff must undergo a thorough background screening including, criminal history, sex offender and reference checks prior to being cleared to work.

Will my child be instructed one-on-one?

Our program is designed to assist your child with their distanced learning time and help with assignments when possible. We will only be operating in pods and any one-on-one instruction will come from your child’s teacher.

What precautions are you taking to reduce the spread of COVID-19?

The Y has planned extensively to reduce the risk of spreading Covid-19. Some of the key safety precautions in place include all staff wear a mask and students will wear masks when deemed necessary by the executive order. In the rare case that a child is unable to wear a mask due to health reasons, face shields are an acceptable alternative. All spaces have been designed to accommodate social distancing and groups will not be larger than currently allowed by state and county guidelines. Rooms are cleaned after each use along with all equipment, games and toys. Learning pods are keep apart during the day with the exception of the beginning and end of every day during drop off and pick up times. Staff also disinfect all surfaces and room daily with electrostatic sprayers.

What aged child can participate in the Remote Learning Child Development Program?

We serve children 5-12 years of age. Our program is designed to offer care and support for children K-6th grade. A child must be 5 and enrolled in kindergarten in order to participate.

What happens if my child cannot login and access the distance learning program provided by the School District?

It is important that you communicate with your child’s teacher regularly to ensure they have the correct access, user name and password for all the programs they will need to access during their time at the YMCA. Y staff will help the best that they can and will reach out to parents if we are not successful.

Will YMCA staff be communicating regularly with my child’s teacher and school district?

You will need to be the connection between your family and child's teacher/school district. The Y will provide a caring and nurturing environment for your child to participate in distance learning; however, you know best what your child’s educational needs are.

What happened if my child loses or breaks the technology they brought from home or have been assigned by the school district?

Please make sure your child brings their technology in a protective case provided by you or the school district. Please make sure to talk with your child about storing their equipment correctly after use, as the Y cannot be responsible for lost or broken technology.

My child has an aide at school during some or most of the school day; can the Y accommodate my child’s needs?

Please reach out to the director of the program location you are sending your child. We are happy to discuss reasonable accommodations that may work for your child.

Can the Y accommodate families that only need to use the program intermittently?

At this time the Y will only be offering full time care in the Remote Learning Child Development Program. This is to limit the number of kids in the pod each week as well as to meet the demand of full time care that we see in the community. Families will be required to sign up for the entire length of the 10 week session in order to guarantee a spot in the program.

Will meals be covered in your program?

Participants are eligible for breakfast and lunch through the districts feeding program and will be served a prepackaged meal. Individuals who wish to pack their own meals are welcome to do so but refrigeration and microwaves are not available in our facilities.

How will staff communicate with me during the day?

The YMCA Remote Learning Child Development Program will be using the Remind App to communicate during the day and to assist with pick up time.

How will check in be handled?

Our goal is to make check in a contactless procedure. When you arrive in the morning you will bring your child to the assigned check in point and wait on marked spots until it is your families turn. When you approach the check in desk you will be required to wear a mask. Families will be asked a series of COVID-19 related questions and have their temperature checked with a digital thermometer. If your child passes, they will then be directed to their room and the parent will leave. For everyone’s safety parents will not be allowed to go past the check in/out table.

How will check out be handled?

Our goal is to make check out a contactless process. We ask that you notify our staff 15 minutes prior to arriving for pickup of your child, using the remind app.  Our staff will use that time to prepare your child for departure of the building.  We will be utilizing photos of authorized pickup persons to match faces during the pickup process. For everyone’s safety parents will not be allowed to go past the check in/out table.