Nationwide Membership

At the YMCA of Metropolitan Lansing, we are dedicated to ensuring our facilities, programs, and services are open and welcoming to all. As part of this effort, we are proud to offer our members access to YMCA facilities across the United States through membership at the YMCA of Metropolitan Lansing. We offer this because we want to help you reach your health and wellness goals wherever you live, work, or travel. This is an essential part of our mission to strengthen communities. 

Nationwide FAQ

Below is frequently asked questions regarding Nationwide Membership

What is Nationwide Membership? +

Nationwide Membership is a member benefit allowing all members within the YMCA of Metropolitan Lansing to visit a participating associations without paying extra fee. Nationwide membership is extended to most YMCAs in the United States. Please click the link to view a list of participating YMCAs.

What do I need to do If I visit another participating YMCA association? +

You will need to sign a waiver to use their location. This waiver is required for you to be granted access, but only needs to be completed once. Contact the front desk at your home branch to sign a waiver. 

Is there a fee to participate? +

No, Nationwide membership is offered as a benefit for all active YMCA of Metropolitan Lansing members.