Family Workout Fun!


YMCA 360

Whether it's a current Y favorite or something new to you, YMCA 360 matches your lifestyle with a growing library of online videos for you and your family.

Kids Yoga - Travel all over the world as you learn some of yoga’s basic movements.

Youth Soccer - Our youth sports program designed to develop basic soccer skills and drills for all levels.

Youth Sports Performance - A program for young athletes to help develop overall athleticism and reduce injuries. Use these at-home drills to help take your skills to the next level.


Family Fitness Bingo

Instead of sitting with a dauber and waiting for numbers to be called, this version of bingo requires each family member to complete five mini-workouts—like run one lap or do 15 sit ups—to get a bingo. Or you can really kick things up by going for a blackout by completing every activity on the list.

Download a printable version here

  • Includes light cardio and strength training for several different muscle groups
  • No exercise equipment is required
  • Best for kids ages 7 and up


Family Word Workout with the Y

Choose a word for each day of the week and spell the work with the workout for each letter! For a more challenging workout, complete the word multiple times. 

Download a printable version here

Dance Party for Whole Family!

YMCA Living Room Dance Party Playlists: 

Have a Dance Party! Check out our YMCA Living Room Dance Party Spotify playlist that has fun family-friendly songs to keep you and your family moving!. Share your dance party video with us! Tag us on Facebook and use the hashtag #YMCADanceParty

Click Below to view our playlists~

Living Room Dance Party Playlist #1 


Freeze Dance Activity

  • Choose someone to be the DJ.
  • Turn on your favorite radio station or playlist. 
  • When the DJ stops the music, everyone freezes until the music plays again.
  • If you move, you’re out!
  • The last one in wins the round and gets to be the DJ for the next round. 

Online Learning Resources

* = Account Needed 
# = App Available

All Subjects

• BrainPop - Grades 3–8 * #
• BrainPop Jr. - Grades K–3 * #
• BrainPop ELL - All Ages * #
• Scholastic - All Ages
• ABC Mouse - All Ages * #
• Highlights For Kids - All Ages #
• ZOOM/PBS Kids - All Ages #
• Wonderopolis - All Ages #

Science & History

• Discovery Virtual Field Trips - All Ages (All subjects) #
• Cincinnati Zoo Live Stream - All Ages (Science)
• National Geographic Kids - All Ages (Science) #
• How Stuff Works - Grades K–12 (Science)
• Boonshoft at Home - All Ages (Science & STEM)
• NASA - Grades K–4 (STEM) #
• The Georgia Aquarium Live Stream - All Ages (Science)
• The Monterey Bay Aquarium Live Stream - All Ages (Science)
• The San Diego Zoo Livestream - All Ages (Science)
• National Aquarium in Baltimore Virtual Tour - All Ages (Science)
• National Park Service Virtual Tour - All Ages (Science & History)
• National Museum of the Air Force Virtual Tour - All Ages (History & STEM)
• The Great Wall of China Virtual Tour - All ages (History)


28 Days of STEAM Activities- All Ages #
• YMCA at Home STEAM Activities- All Ages 
Summer STEAM Projects- All Ages  #


• Priodigy Learning Game - Grades 1–8 * #
• Khan Academy - Grades K–12 * #
• Zearn - Grades K–5 * 
• Splash Learn - Grades K-5 * #
• Reflex - Grades 2–6 * 
• Kahoot - All Ages * #

Language Arts

• Spark by Epic - Grades K–4 (Reading) #
• Starfall - Grades K–3 - (Reading) * #
• Dreamscape - Grades 2–8 (Reading Game)
• Story Jumper - All Ages (Create Your Own Storybook)
• Duolingo - All Ages (Learn a Language) #

Fun Activities


• Storyline Online - All Ages (Stories Read by Famous People)
• Elmo Hugs - Pre-K (Activities) #
• Typing Club - Grades K+ (Learn to Type)
• Kidz Type - Grades K+ (Typing Game)
• Delish - All Ages (Cooking) #
• Food Network - All Ages (Cooking, Recipes) #
• Gardening - All Ages (Gardening Activities & Lessons)


Family Printable Resources

Sample Structured Schedule for Families

Healthy Recipe Packet 

Play at Home Playbook


Arts and Crafts

Mommy Poppins' 63 Easy Science Experiments for Kids Using Household Stuff >
Slime, invisible ink, and more—with items you already have around the house.

20 Coffee Filter Crafts >
Who knew coffee filters were so handy? Make a flower bouquet or tie dyed snowflakes.

Stuck At Home Science >
Check out Stuck at Home Science where you can explore science projects using household objects!


YMCA Coloring Sheets

Y Logo 

90 Days of Summer 

YMCA 5 Attributes of the Voice


YMCA Covid-19 Time Capsule Activity Booklet

YMCA of Lansing Time Capsule Activity Booklet

Strong Swimmers, Safe Kids

YMCA Water Safety Skills at Home

Did you know you can learn swimming skills without any water? 

Dry Land Exercises- View some helpful dry land exercises and keep practicing your swimming skills! 

YMCA Splash Book - Check out some of our swim centered activities for kids to do! 




Mystic Lake YMCA Camp hopes to be a resource for families during this unique time. Check out our Mystic @ Home webpage !

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